With over a decade of training experience, Sheppard Strength has the knowledge and the energy to get you results. Coach Amber is the top ranked female USA Weightlifting coach in the state, has coached national and international athletes (medalists in power lifting & weightlifting, Team USA Skeleton, multiple national functional fitness athletes), worked with clients from 6 to 83 years old, and has had multiple state records as a raw powerlifter herself.

Aside from training individuals in personal and group sessions, Coach Amber runs the nonprofit Mississippi Barbell which was the first USAW club in the state.

Additionally, she directed a national gym management company & 13 gym's training departments have implemented her in-house continuing education programs and internships. She also assistant certifies coaches for USA Weightlifting, travels around the region conducting clinics and seminars for coaches and athletes alike, and has had articles published in multiple strength magazines.


At Sheppard Strength, we strive to get our athlete-clients long lasting results, but we also want them to have fun during the process. Our passion for strength sports and overall wellness is evident by the fact we work and travel for our clients 7 days a week at all hours of the day.

We also combine Coach Amber's unique background of law school, business ownership, and writing skills and offer Content Creation for small businesses. Website design, web pages, social media posts, and social media marketing plans are all types of services she offers.

Coach Amber has suffered from eating disorders and strength training helped save her life, literally and figuratively. Since then, she has been published on the effects of eating disorders in both genders in sports and has made it her goal to bring weightlifting to the Mississippi communities.

Coach Amber has chosen to dedicate her life to fitness even though she has a law degree and is a licensed attorney*.

If you want to get fit in a safe and effective manner, then Sheppard Strength & Conditioning is the right fit for you.


  • Mississippi Barbell, Founder and Meet Director

  • Atlas Fitness, Former Director Of Operations

  • USAW

    • Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach (first female coach in the state with this distinction)

    • USAW Certification Staff, Assistant Instructor to Danny Camargo

    • USAW SouthEast Regional Director for Athlete Development Camps

    • USAW Committee Member

    • Featured in multiple media outlets on USAW


    • Club Coach

    • Referee for Mississippi High School Athletic Association

  • Contributing Writer

  • Sponsored by Lifting Large (2015)

  • Former Functional Fitness certified coach (5 years)
  • Justin Thacker ABC Method
  • Shadow Coach Experience
    • Team MDUSA and Don McCauley
    • Matt Bruce
    • Gayle Hatch
    • Danny Camargo
  • 17 years of competitive strength sport experience
  • Coached and qualified national lifters (American Open, Senior, Youth, Junior, University and Masters Nationals) and qualified lifters for Masters Worlds.
  • Clients include:
    • IPF World Champion/American Record Holder (powerlifting)
    • National Masters medalists (weightlifting and powerlifting)
    • Senior International Medalist (powerlifting)
    • Team USA World Athlete (USAPL)
    • Team USA Skeleton Team Member
    • 3 CrossFit Regionalists
    • CrossFit Games athlete (2015, team, seventh)
    • Masters CrossFit Games athlete (2015, top ten performance in one rep snatch)
    • American Ninja Warrior participant
    • State powerlifting/weightlifting champions and record holders
  • Athletic Accomplishments
    • USAPL National Level Powerlifter and member of 2013 3rd Place National Team
    • 6x raw powerlifting state record holder
    • MS Powerlifting Athlete of the Year and Record Holder
    • 3 time team state champion
  • Juris Doctorate (license to practice in Mississippi 2015*)


* Note: Nothing listed here or in conversations with Amber should be construed as legal advice or legal services. She is acting as a coach only and not an attorney